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Amazing course !!! Must do !!!

Sai Bullock

Excellent course and Fuaadh is very good at what he does, top guy to learn from.

I was someone with 0 trading experience and the course it intense but you learn very quickly I’m already making anything from 60-100 pips a day on the days I’m not working and he’s really motivated me Along the way. I’m now looking to try and eventually make this my full time career.

I attended the course in July time…

Adam Iqbal

I attended the course in July time earlier this year with very basic or no trading experience prior to this. I went in having expectations of which everyone else has, such as: “No one really makes it in Forex”, “He’s just after my money” but when i attended the course it was totally different! Fuaadh welcomes you in his office and takes a steady approach to bring all the types of people on the same level; no matter what the experience in trading is. By the end of the course, Fuaadh teaches you how to analyse the markets and most of all he teaches you to love the charts! I would 100% recommend Fuaadh’s course, he has great proven trading experience and combined with his awesome teaching skills, you can’t go wrong!

Go for it!

Maaz Ussen

Great course! Definitely helped me increase my knowledge and increase my success in trading! For anyone, whether you have previous trading knowledge or not! Great teacher too! All in all, definitely worth it!

4 Week Trading Course

Masrur Ahmed

Came in with little to no knowledge about the forex industry. But during the 4 week course i had learned alot about the markets and how to place my own trades. Although i didnt do very well during the beginning after alot of practicing i eventually saw some growth in my account. My biggest problem was being patient but that got better with time. I would definitely recommend the course as i believe it was the teaching that helped me understand and learn quickly due to learning from someone that has been successful with alot of experience.



From first hand experience, from taking the 4 week course as well as the forex signals have been amazing. His course gives a clear break down structure of what we cover each and every week and knowledge like this can be life changing.

Coming from someone that’s travelled 3 hours there and 3 hours back home (from birmingham) was simply worth it and I don’t regret it because that knowledge that I have gained I’ve built on and started generating and building up my account and I can’t thank Fuaadh enough for this experience.

Oh yeah, his signals? I’ve made that back from one trade *NZDCAD* 😉

Absolutely fantastic programme

Adnan Hussain

Absolutely fantastic programme. Done the 4 week Forex course and it was brilliant. I came in with very very little knowledge of Forex and I left being able to trade independently and take advantage of this multi billion dollar industry.

The course was structured very well and the atmosphere was brilliant. All like minded people willing to learn and help each other.

Would highly recommend anyone looking to get in to Forex to get in touch with 24hour trading academy.

4 Week Forex Course – June 2018.

Farhad Ahmed

Initially i was slightly sceptical about the course, but within the first hour and meeting Fuaadh personally all my doubts were gone. I came into the course with little to no real knowledge but upon completion i can confidently say i am able to confidently read and analyse charts and place my own trades. From day one you learn and practice on real charts, it’s not just theory you learn but its real practical application. The course set up was excellent, the course structure was great and the environment was welcoming.

Whether your working full-time, or studying, if your looking for a reliable, trustworthy individual to teach you the real aspects how of to successfully trade Forex, than i have no reservations about recommending 24hrTradingAcademy & Fuaadh to you. Plus his a great guy, genuine and has a laugh along the way.

An ability that can be used any time


At the start of the course (especially as a beginner) it may seem very challenging as everything will be new to you however, with Fuaadh’s supervision and support you will slowly start to realise that there is no ‘secret’ or ‘formula’ to how he executes and teaches his forex; so as you see progression and as the weeks go by your understanding of forex comes naturally; it is like putting the pieces to a puzzle together slowly but surely. At the end of the course you will be shocked as to how much you have learnt within 4 weeks therefore, I highly recommend that if you have some free time in the day OR night you can use that free time to utilise some trades and make some money after you’ve completed the course. This will only benefit the individual who is taking the course i.e. you. It is definitely worth a shot even if you don’t have free time as it is a skill that you can take on board in the future.

Would Highly Recommend!

M Hasan

If you have an interest in forex trading and want to pursue it further I would highly recommend taking this course. By doing so you are saving yourself a tremendous amount of time and money looking for that “perfect strategy”. The course is well structured and comes with exceptional after care.

Forex trading is not a get rich quick scheme as many would like to portray however done so with the correct tools, guidance and mindset can be very rewarding.

Course review: Excellent

Isar Choudhry

Excellent course it is, completely gives you the abilities to trade on your own. I personally came into the course with no experience whatsoever. By end of the course I left knowing about forex and knowing how to analyse and take trades.

Fuaadh is a great teacher and makes things fun and isn’t strict at all is more like a friend.

If you are thinking to take it I would definitely recommend it. The price is very reasonable!




My relationship with trading forex has been rocky to say the least. When I first heard about forex a year ago I was sold a dream by many different companies on Instagram telling me that I’d become a millionaire by next month but instead was given false hope and awful analysis.

This was until I bumped into fuaadh’s Instagram page where I found out about his 4 weeks courses, at first like everyone I was sceptical about joining due to all the money I had lost with trading before however after seeming a few people’s testimonials it gave me the courage to invest in the course and follow my heart which told me he was the real deal. You could tell with 24hr TA that they really knew how to trade as their lot sizes were low compared to the money they were making. Along with that unlike other companies who jump at you for custom, 24hr leave the decision to you and don’t push you into it.

So I went on to do the course with very minimum understanding and I can honestly say that it was a life changing experience and a huge turning point thus far in my life, the things i learnt from the course really helped me understand the whole concept of trading forex from start to finish. The course in terms of difficulty was a 7/10 but as the weeks progressed it became a lot easier as everything started to link in. At the time i was learning on the course my target was to gernerate 200 pips a week positive, now 5 weeks in I’m catching on average 500 pips a week and it’s only going to get better! I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND 24HR TRADING ACADEMY TO ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO TRADE INDEPENDENTLY! Just go for it if you are genuinely interested and willing to put in your all. YOU WON’T REGRET IT! 🙂

24Hr Trading Forex Course

Mazhar Chaudhry

I first came across 24Hr Trading when it popped up on my insta feed. From there I started following Fuaad.

After umming and ahhing I decided to bite the bullet and attend one of his 4 week courses, no knowing what to expect.

My trading experience was non existent prior to attending the course, I thought this would be a problem, but I was wrong. Fuaad was accommodating and went at a pace I was comfortable with regardless of class size

I can honestly say its been the best decision I have taken in 2018 hands down. He teaching method is excellent with clear and concise presentation over the period of the course.

I was expecting to come out with a little bit of knowledge to get me started but again I was wrong, by the end of it I was confident enough to start trading on my own with my own analysis and by and large it has been successful.

Fuaad prepares you for the big bad world of Forex by being up front and forth right he never once guaranteed no losses or gave the impression it will always be win win


Kalpesh Pindoria

I would say the course is worth doing it.

I did MSc Investments and Finance and had a passion for it, but didn’t know where to start. One of my recommended me about FUAADH and I started following his Instagram an followed his signals some of them he posted on his stories there.

I would say if u wanna get some really good knowledge and want to be a good trader you should consider this rather going for some other. Because this is the best and the legit one you will get. There are a lot many scammers out just trying to scam people with giving false hopes to become millionaires in a short time. This course is meant for anyone, for the one who doesn’t have any knowledge about trading. Coz it starts from basics and then goes to the higher level.

I had the theory knowledge of whatever I studied in uni and didn’t know how to start with. When I took the course I knew a few things but not enough for trading. But the course really helped me a lot.

24hr TA has a best-structured course according to me. It focuses more on being a successful and consistent trader rather than just earning money. It teaches to manage risk and money management which is the main part of trading without that one can not be in the game for long. I personally had flaws when I tried going up with my lot sizes and went really bad. But 24HR TA has taught me really well and I am sticking to that and have been consistent catching pips. 24HRTA focuses on chasing pips, not money. Definitely, this should be the strategy to be a good trader. I personally attended the course and is the best one out in the market. I have been trading and have been catching 400 pips a week consistently without any flaws. I really have improved myself. If I compare myself with before and after doing the course I will say have a drastic change.


Wasted money on bogus signal providers

Tareq Ahad

I have lost a lot of money from bogus signal providers and people promising me profits. Around 3-4k wasted and three accounts blown trying to copy other peoples trades and make cash. During this time I was also following fuaadh on instagram. The loss of that much money demotivated me from ever trying to pursue forex again. However, the difference I noticed with fuuadh compared to other accounts was that he would share his own personal life and testimonial videos from his actual clients. It gave me a lot more confidence in him and his teachings. After over a year of watching him go through batches of clients who were making profits, I found that drive to get back into forex so I decided to invest in the course rather than waste more money on signal providers.

For a student, the cost of the course was a lot for myself, but I saw it as an investment because I knew I would get the necessary skills out of it to make the money back. Compared to paying for signals where I know ill just lose money. Another thing about fuuadh is that he doesn’t pressure you, oversell his course or promise you unrealistic goals, unlike other companies. He tells you what the course is and what you could gain from it if you put in the work, and you really do need to put in the work for it to be worth it. I would suggest anyone who’s debating to do this course to just take the leap before it gets too much popularity and you’ll have to wait months/years for a slot.


Junaid Akram

I would recommend taking this course. I had no experience of trading and didn’t have a clue on how to read charts, having taken the course I can honestly say it’s the best decision I have made. Fuaadh is a great teacher very supportive and approachable he has very strong technical skills and good fundamental analysis skills and the way he teaches makes trading look simple, the course cover all you need to know and is a great stepping stone to get into the markets. The course is well structured and is perfect for beginners.

I am very grateful to Fuaadh and I would recommend anyone who is interested in trading to get in touch with him.


Idris Mahmood

I started the course with basically having no knowledge with forex. As the time progressed through the course I gained a deep understanding of the market. The course was built to help all levels of traders to gain a strong foundation and confidence, even with having no previous experience, I can now confidently place trades based on what I learned from the course. I am happy with the results of the course and could happily say it was worth it.

Greatest Investment I’ve ever made!

Basit Abdul

I used to trade having no knowlege whatsoever- as did few other people in my group. The things that I have learnt in the course has enabled me to trade with confidence and with justification. This course is worth more than what it is priced at! Nothing is easy, as there was soo much to learn- but with time comes great results. Ultimatley the structure of the course, the way the weekly topics are allocated are very convinient in a way that even a person who knows nothing can walk out after a session knowing quite alot!! The course is literally built for beginners. And as the title says, it really is a great investment. Though there may have been up and downs this year- I am very confident that 2019 brings forward a successful year ahead Insha’Allah.

Thank you Fuaadh and Thank you to the 24hrTradingAcademy!

4 Week Forex Course

Soban Mamodaly

The 4 week forex course is well delivered and suitable for advance, intermediate and beginner forex traders. The course is very interactive and structure of the course allows you to become more confident when placing trades. Fuaadh is easy going, adaptable and very passionate about Forex and in helping you become a successful trader. He makes you feel at ease and his delivery is clear and to the point. I came into the course with an unrealistic viewpoint, that I would become rich after the completion of the 4 weeks. However, that perspective was far from the truth, fuaadh can give you the guidance and all the material to help you become a profitable trader but as you all know in life, without hard work, dedication and discipline you won’t able to achieve your trading goals. I personally thought the whole course from start to finish was superb and the information and knowledge fuaadh has given me was extremely useful.


Muhammad Hussain

I came into the 4 week forex course with 24hr Trading Academy with very minimal knowledge of forex and how it works, my only experience of forex was Fuaadh signal service which I took up for one month with an initial investment of £500 and within 3 weeks I turned it into £2200 from the signals which was great!! I then realised the potential of forex and wanted to learn this for myself and become a independent financial market trader so I decided to take the course and expand on my knowledge.

The course is structured perfectly what I mean by this is whether you are a beginner or have good understanding on forex it doesn’t matter because Fuaadh teaches in a way where everyone is on the same page and we all learn together.

I have progressed immensely from the course, catching 100 pips in one trade where as before the course I wouldn’t dream of even 30 pips on my own without signals or guidance

I have recommended this course to friends and family and I would recommend anyone who is serious about forex trading and has time on their hand to dedicate to trading to take the course

When i first came across fuaadh…

Zakaria Benfetouha

When i first came across fuaadh Instagram i thought to myself yeah this is just another fraud trader that’s showing off how much money he makes of trading and how he can help you make the same. For about a month i was hesitant of messaging him about doing the course then i went with my gut and I messaged and did the course. When I tell you the course helped me a lot lot lot am not lying, just the first day itself i learnt more then what I tried learning for almost two months by myself. Don’t worry if your a beginner coz I basically was because Fuaadh teaches in a way where everyone is on the same page and we all learn together.

Don’t think this course is just strictly learning you do have some banter, you get to meet new people and build connections.

People think coz fuaadh drives lambo and all that his gonna be all up his as.., his one of the humblest guy I’ve met. He always tries to keep in touch with his students and see how they getting on, he does alot of things he doesn’t need to do.

I am very grateful to Fuaadh and I would recommend anyone who is intrested in trading to get in touch with him.