Post Course Support


Finished the course and still need some support? Here to help!

1 to 1 Progress Review Sessions

Most trading education providers deliver a good training and give you all the support during the course, but it stops there. At 24hrTradingAcademy I offer you support even after you have completed your training.

I believe that post-course support is a key factor when it comes to long-term success of any training programme. When it comes to trading, it is vital that you make use of the 4 weeks during the course and do as much as work as possible throughout it. After completing the course you need to make sure you continue with the plans and targets set and follow it with discipline. This includes logging all trades made and the other checklist factors given during the course. 

To develop in to a well-rounded trader you need to identify your faults and turn them in to strengths, this is where the 1 to 1 progress review sessions will be able to tell what your weaknesses are. We will then construct a clear a concise plan to turn those weaknesses in to strengths so that your success rate with trading is ever increasing month by month!

How long are these 1 to 1 sessions? They are 1 1/2 hours.

What time are the sessions? You can pick a time between 1pm – 5pm. The 1 to 1 sessions run during weekdays.

What is the cost for these 1 to 1 sessions? They cost £150 per session.

What do I need to bring for these sessions? The more work to the table you can bring the better so we can evaluate it all and go through what you are having problems with. Clear logs of trades would be very helpful. If you wish to go through certain course topics again please identify which topics you want to run through before coming to the class.

How to book? To book please email – with your full name, phone number, when you completed the 24hrTradingAcademy’s 4 Week Course. Your preferred dates and time for the session and why you want to do the 1 to 1 session.