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Our goal is to break trading down to the bare basics all the way to becoming successful and CONSISTENT.

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Trading isn’t about sitting on a yacht with a laptop… helps normal people master the fundamentals of psychology to be able to find that UNIQUE trading style instilled inside them.

The confused-er

This group of people represent 95% of traders, they tried to learn everything from the bare basics to harmonics, they’ve read every book on the market to do with trading but still can not find consistent results which works, one thing works for a week and it doesn’t two weeks later. They think they know what they are doing but they trading as chaos.


Become a trading master

This group of people represent only 5% of traders, they have mastered their weaknesses and strengths, they have a plan and are efficient to make sure their inputs are little in comparison with their results. They think long-term and are not on social media bragging. They put science and logic behind all their decisions.

How does it work? provides you with everything that you need to be successful in trading. Not a bunch of videos, we provide you with an environment with assessments and structure so you can put together your own puzzle that works for you.

Proven process

We transformed guessing and the need to gamble when you start to making trading into a science. Follow our practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work and track your progress using reliable metrics.


Mental Hacks

We have developed a way to think about trading in a new way. Discover  the history of YOU, what your war is, whether it is greed, fear, risk aversion. Hack your brain to become a trading beast.


Successful community

It’s not easy to become successful when you are not around successful people. Our growing community of entrepreneurs, traders and business motivated individuals will help you grow, collaborate and have fun at the same time. 

"This course for me has been phenomenal. the service has been great and I really feel that I have learnt a lot and it has not only helped me within my Forex studies, but it has disciplined me as a person. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is reading this. Any time I would need assistance, I would receive it. a really great course."

Riaz A
November 2019 Course Client

Tested and proven to work

Our goal is not to give you a certificate, a book and let you walk. Our aim is to provide you with real results, confidence, consistency and self-progress.




Students Turned Mentors


6 - Figure Earning Students

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We teach you through the whole process

Most courses focus on the technical and fundamentals of trading, this creates traders who are completely oblivious to the hurdles they are going to face through the whole process psychologically and also fail to understand the concepts from a scientific point of view. To be able to be successful you need to know the whole process and in the interlinking steps that are layered on top of each other.


Learn everything, be ready for every situation

We will teach you everything that you need to build a solid foundation which will not get shaken regardless of market conditions you face. Whether it’s today, next month or a year down the line, we will prepare you ahead of any storm.

Fundamentals of trading science


Instrumental learning


Theoritical learning


Observational learning


Heuristic approach




Self assessment


Cognitive activity


Scenario analysis


Active sessions


Collecting dirt


Filtration process


Identifying drawdowns


Minimising risk exposure


Growth & scaling


Becoming a sniper


Learn anytime, anywhere!

We have developed a way to think about trading in a new way. Discover the history of YOU, what your war is, whether it is greed, fear, risk aversion. Hack your brain to become a trading beast.

Active trader community

350 students and we continue to grow everyday! One way to become successful is by surrounding yourself with other like minded individuals on the same path as you. Our active community is a great space to share ideas and network.

In-person events

Our in-person meet ups happen across UK, in London, Birmingham and Manchester. We also have upcoming meet ups in Dubai, France and Malaysia very soon. It is a chance for you to come and network with other great entrepreneurs and traders to keep your success growing.

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Whether you’re brand new to trading or an intermediate trying to get grips with only consistency and growth, we have you covered!


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