Learn to become an

independent trader

Tired of losing money trying to learn alone? Got no structure?
Not sure where you are going wrong? Can’t differ between your
strong trades vs weak trades? We got you.

What’s included?

Individual mentorship

We will teach you how to take advantage of latest news reports and events! These moves in the markets are there to be traded!


Bespoke trading plan

Every student has their own strengths and weaknesses, we will identify yours to make create a personalised trading plan that works.


Master the news

We will teach you how to take advantage of latest news reports and events! These moves in the markets are there to be traded!


Trade at your time

We will create a schedule that works with your current full time job, you don’t need to give up your day job to be a good trader!


Trade like a pro

Learn how to trade like the pros in Canary Wharf and Wall Street from your home. 


After-care support

We understand 4 weeks may not be enough for everyone, that’s why we offer monthly meet ups and and free on going support even after the course. 

Community of traders

It’s not easy finding a group of traders who are successful and doing it consistently, we have that! You’ll have full access to our community chats after the course.

Know where you go wrong

Sometimes the hardest bit in trading is to know where you go wrong (and right) in your trades, we will help you find that missing info to all the trades that you take.

Free Consultation

Book a free consultation with one of our team

– Assess your understanding

– Discuss your goals

– Receive a breakdown of what will be taught

– Answer any questions you have

– See how our most recent course clients have performed

– Visit our office in London

What our clients have to say

This was a no bullsh*t type course right from the get go. Fuaadh makes it clear that he wants every student to maximise what they get out of the course.I’ve spent so much time following him until I finally decided to join and a month down the line since the course has finished, I’m doing so much better than I thought I could have.Amazing course with an amazing teacher that actually enjoys his students doing well off. Only regret I have is not doing it any sooner”

Patrick Rakowski

Course is 100% worth it! Everything was explained very well with amazing after care support. Structure of the course is spot on, gradually goes into depth starts from the basic. Even after the course your progress is monitored. Theres always chances to improve and ask any questions your stuck on. Fuaadh shows his progress from where he started to where he is today, most forex traders only show their wins and not their losses. The way fuaadh teaches forex, personally makes u feel comfortable to ask whatever u want, and feels like your being taught by a friend rather than a teacher! Best decision iv made was to go to fuaadh!

Soban Ahmad

I took Fuaadh’s course in April last year and his signals have helped me profoundly since then with me making more than £500 in just one day. His support and analysis are always on point and for everything he provides the service is impeccable. His signal service guarantees that your profits are greater than your losses and this has been true, it is the only trading service I have come across that is genuine and has integrity with realistic and honest expectations achieved through consistency,

Nina Malik

I am 50+ in terms of age and I came to this course without any knowledge about forex. Fuaadh way of course packing and teaching style from basics is second to none. I have gained the understanding and confident after the course and I am now trading. Though I am a slow learner, but his patience and the way he teaches multivated me a lot throughout the course. He can handle any learning style and age group. He is very supportive,genuine, transparent and straightforward guy. He wants you to succeed not there to take your money.“

Nicholas Dapaa

I used to take Fuaadh’s signals in the past and have been following his trading journey for quite some time. There may be a lot of people like me hesitating to take the course either waiting for someone to take the course with them or just plain worried if the course will be worth it for them. I ended up taking the plunge and truthfully after doing the course I came to the realisation you’ll get more out of the course the more effort you put into doing it. Before taking the course I would advise going on the babypips website to understand the basics of forex trading. This will help you get more out of the course. Fuaadh will enable you with all the tools necessary but at the end of the day it’s up to you to do the homework and make sure you’re hitting the targets he sets for you to see results. If you go in with that mindset where you’ll plan out your time for the course so that you’ll meet your trading targets you will see results. As Fuaadh says it definitely is not a get rich quick scheme and patience, time and effort is needed for you to succeed in trading. Therefore I would highly recommend this course to get you started on the journey that is becoming a successful trader.


I completed the course last month and I can say hands down that it was worth the cost. I went into 24hr trading academy with a vast amount of knowledge, as I had spent half a year just studying and trying to understand the ins and outs forex. Attending the course allowed me to keep a hold of all the good knowledge and let go of things that were not beneficial, and that were holding me back from becoming profitable. The course structure ensured that all important topics are covered in enough detail and also you have the time to implement the techniques taught in and outside the class room. This is beneficial as you can see from your results the quality of the content taught. Despite me educating myself for six months there were certain key topics covered in the course that I did not come across prior to the course. An amazing aspect of the academy is that even after the course is complete there is on going support to provide further guidance, this aspect gave me confidence in the reliability of the academy, as it shows the confidence the academy has in the material it teaches. The after care was not a service offered by any other course I looked into.

Daniyal Chaudary

I came into forex with very little and basic knowledge, I had no strategy to follow or any consistency in my trading whatsoever. This is when I took up Fuaadhs course and honestly, it was 100% the best course out there. The way it was broken down and the way Fuaadh comes to your level is what is needed when it comes to learning anything. From week 1 I was able to catch on average 100 pips and understood everything that was taught on the day and throughout the course. Throughout the course Fuaadh was there to support us with our trading and answer any questions we had along the way. 

The mentoring service that was also given was great. Personally I chose Mo Nadeem as my mentor and I can guarantee that he is the best mentor you will find. When it comes to asking questions, Nadeem is there to help. From week 1 of my mentorship Nadeem would look through my logs and tell me where I was going wrong and also set me targets along the way. He also made videos from scratch explaining all the topics that were taught in the course just to refresh my mind. I started the mentorship with still having issues in being consistent to being able to catch on average 200 pips a week.

Anas Gani

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